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Birthday Party Designs

The Ultimate Party Starter Kit

Create beautiful party supplies - Without hassle of money and time

Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life!!

- Confucius


Love crafting?

Feeling inspired to create?

Wish you could make supplies for kids birthday?

But you are not a graphics designer?

Stop waisting your time, money and effort.

There is an easy way.

You can start now.

I can help you create beautiful
birthday party supplies.

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Hey, I'm Maria.

I know that many people admire those who can create beautiful things, but themselves they think they can't.

And, especially, when it comes to birthday party supplies many people would love to learn how to do those for themselves, or to sell to others but they don't know how.

They think they should be graphics designers at least, so to start. Or, that they should hire one to do the work for them. 

Also, they believe that should spent so much money on cliparts and other digital images in order to create those different designs for each party set. And, so much time and effort to create the design one by one, for each party item, for each party theme!

So, the quality of designs, time, money and effort are the greatest barriers holding many poeple back from starting such a hobby or business.

As far as I remember my self I love crafting! And, specifically I love crafting for birthdays! I kept it as a hobby for years. But, I have recently quit my nine-to-five job to work on this only! Now, I successfully run my business in Greece as an online shop for party supplies! My customers speak about my exquisite designs and quality of items they get from my brand.

And now... finally... I'm excited to make these designs available to you along with information how to apply them and grow your hobby or business!

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Maria Mastrogianni


Unleash Your Creativity!

Ready material 100% focused on how to create your own birthday party supplies.


Find your passion

Explore posibilities

Get a new hobby

Expand your business

Save time, money & effort

Have fun creating

Make others happy

Love Your Work 

With the right tools everything is easier and so much more fulfilling.


Because you don't have to struggle about the nitty gritty details of the designs and everything is ready for you to be customised!

Because you make the party items very fast and efficiently and in excellent quality!

Because these designs are popular among children with the themes they love!

Because you save so much money and time to make your own designs from digital images that you have to buy separately.

Because you concentrate in the most fulfilling part: to customize, print and cut your beautiful party items.

By Maria Mastrogianni 

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Creative Designer & Coach

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Start Your Journey

A unique material to help you grow

You will find everything you need to start creating your party supplies!

160 Birthday Party Designs

20 party phemes of 8 designs each  ready to be customized with the kid's name/age and print and cut.

Assembling Instructions

Step-by-step video instructions on how to assemble each of the party items, after you print & cut them.

Quality Tips

Proven tips on how to do excellent job with regards to what paper, printer, fonts & other tools to use.